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For a healthier you

We want to serve you with products in their healthiest and purest form. Our entire process ensures that you get the most nutritious, high on fibre and low on sugar food. We bring you healthier alternatives for your everyday food. Our flagship Sattu drink is a great protein shake and a quick go to product. Our chocolate sattu encourages kids to try healthier desi, no sugar, high protein drink. Not only that our stone grinded products like dals and sattu have low very GCI which controls blood sugar. It also helps you in losing weight, building immunity and provides you with lots of micronutrients. At Natureship we want you to have a healthier life by choosing products closest to nature. Build your relationship with nature!

Introducing healthy local delicacies & forgotten grains

Every state in India is gifted with their local healthy delicacies, that the rest of the country may not have explored . At Natureship we bring it straight to you from the place of its origin.

We have started with regional delicacies of Bihar and Jharkhand. Hence, featuring our products like Katarni Chura, Sattu, Katarni rice. Katarni chura is a variety of flattened rice famous in Bihar made in Jagdishpur, near Bhagalpur.

Simultaneously we want to revive the ancient grains, which have become rare over the years. Ancient grains hold lot of nutrient values and are a cure to many lifestyle ailments. We bring to you forgotten healthy products like kulthi, red rice and many more

Natural stone grinding processing

Traditional methods of processing like Jata/Chakki and Dheki preserve micronutrients & enhances aroma. The benefits of stone grinding are umpteen. The stoneground way keeps the entire grain intact, preserving the integrity of the whole grain. Nothing is added, Nothing is removed.

Benefits of Stone Grinding

  • Slow Massaging process at cool temperature,
    preserves all nutrients
  • Releases natural oils & distributes them uniformly
  • Low Glycemic Index & High Fiber
  • Higher temperature at mills destroys most of the
    nutrients, which is preserved in traditional methods

Farm to fork to healthier

Of late harmful pesticides have become a norm while growing food, Chemicals for cleaning and synthetic coloring agents for making products look attractive. There is also lack of traceability & transparency in food supply chain. At Natureship we address all the above issues, our farmers grow using natural fertilizers like cow dung, we do not use any chemicals or synthetic colors. We believe in food transparency, we can exactly tell you the location & name of our famer for every product you buy!

Women at heart

Natureship is led by women, the idea is to empower women at ground level. We work with one of the most backward strata of society – women with lesser opportunities from villages

Our team of women is hard working, creative and full of traditional wisdom. They drive our entire processing and give you the best quality. At Natureship we understand the life of a women in village, our working hours are flexible with a shift being of 2 hours only. She comes & leaves with her convenience. The payment is made instantly to her.

Empowering villages now

Imagine what could happen if we are able to provide livelihood opportunities in villages of India using agriculture, processing and technology

our model is designed keeping in heart the empowerment of villages this is the sole reason our base is in villages. Firstly we onboarded farmers, who do not use any pesticide. We call it desi produce. Since we follow organic method of farming, we are helping our farmers with organic certifications also. Secondly, we are led by women who help us clean and process the produce using traditional methods. This helps us give you a very high quality, high on fibre & high on nutrient product. Thirdly we are engaging young minds for innovation, research, packing and incorporating technology with agriculture. They are our managers & innovators!

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