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Freshly made by Hand Chakki
100% Handmade, straight from villages
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Purity & nutrition delivered!
Add more fibre, lose weight & control blood sugar. Choose Natureship for a healthier lifestyle. Naturally grown & processed.
Use Coupon Code “Natureship15” for flat 15% off on your first purchase!
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Farm to fork to healthier you
Know the source your food. Our farmers provide pesticides free produce
Use Coupon Code “Natureship15” for flat 15% off on your first purchase!
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Our Products

Our Story

For a healthier you

We want to serve you with products in their healthiest and purest form. Our entire process ensures that you get the most nutritious, high on fibre and low on sugar food. We bring you healthier alternatives for your everyday food.

Introducing healthy local delicacies & forgotten grains

Every state in India is gifted with their local healthy delicacies, that the rest of the country may not have explored . At Natureship we bring it straight to you from the place of its origin.

Natural stone grinding processing

Traditional methods of processing like Jata/Chakki and Dheki preserve micro nutrients & enhances aroma. The benefits of stone grinding are umpteen. The stoneground way keeps the entire grain intact, preserving the integrity of the whole grain. Nothing is added, nothing is removed.

Farm to fork to healthier you!

Of late harmful pesticides have become a norm while growing food, Chemicals for cleaning and
synthetic coloring agents for making products look attractive. There is also lack of traceability & transparency in food supply chain.

Women at heart

Natureship is led by women, the idea is to empower women at ground level. We work with one of the most backward strata of society – women with lesser opportunities from villages

Empowering villages Now

Imagine what could happen if we are able to provide livelihood opportunities in villages of India using agriculture, processing and technology

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Godda – 814133, Jharkhand

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